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Magico x Tar-Gana-Davida

Angelita WT is a  year old, 15.1 hands andalusian  mare sired by Magico,  who has multiple championships in his background. Angelita is professionally trained and is ready for any discipline. She is agile and beautiful and truly lives up to her name.  She is very sensible and has been taught some dressage. She  has been used as a lesson horse for beginning riders and is very safe and sound with no bad habits.  Loads easily in a trailer.

She is a great prospect for  trail riding or pleasure riding.  For more information contact us through this website.

Sassy2014 horse pictures 065Fillies for sale:

We have three babies for sale.  They are one year old and have been worked with ground work from day

one and are all easy to work with.    

 This is “Roxie”. Her Spanish name is Desdemona.  She is  A half Andalusian, Half Quarter Horse cross.  She is a great dressage or reining prospect.  Shc is for sale for $3500.  We will continue to work with her until she is sold.  She will probably be close to sixteen hands.  Her sire is Saltadoro ORO who has an amazing pedigree including Champions of Spain and Mexico and important foundation sires in the lines of Terry, Guardiola and Cardenas.  She is registered with the IALHA as a half Andalusian.


This is our colt “Ringo” His Spanish name is Gallardo WT. He is one year old and is going to be a wonderful addition to any Andalusian herd. He is bay.  His sire is an imported qualified P.R.E. BLACK stallion from Spain, Persiles,  who is a recommended Dressage Producer.  His sire is the only black stallion in the U.S. with 3 ANCCE stamps (Revised, Qualified, Reproductor Recommendado Apitud Morfologica.  He has black, chestnut, bay and gray offspring registered in the Spanish studbook and is eligible for revision.  The sire is 16.1 hands, with an elegant neck, lofty gaits which he routinely passes on to his offspring. Ringo is elegant and graceful and seems to float in the air.

Our colt who is guaranteed revision with the first ANCEE stamp, is registered with the IALHA and is for sale for $9,500.  He has been trained since birth and is very sweet and easy to work with.



This is “Joy”, Sociaga, who was sired by Desafio WT, our four year old stallion. Her dam is Osalinda.  Championship blood lines with lineage available.  She is registered with  the IALHA. Sociaga has been trained since birth and is a sweet horse with enviable confirmation and temperament.  Her movement is elegant and graceful.  She, like all of our fillies, has been handled since birth.  The difference with our fillies is that they have that daily, hands on training in a loving and gentle way. It makes handling them a pleasure and it makes their training sessions a breeze for you.  Intelligence is inherited with our horses, but ease of handling is something we specialize in.  She is priced at $6,500.